Key issues

Pro Life

I am pro life and was born and raised on the principle that no human being should be considered the property of another. That is our heritage as Republicans, and it would be a fatal mistake to abandon that fundamental precept now.

Respect for the Constitution

The new HHS Mandate in the Affordable Care Act, has created great animosity among many religious organizations and infringes on our constitutional rights and freedom of religion. At the same time, gun control advocates and political activists have attempted to further interference on our second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I am committed to voice your concerns and stand up for our religious freedoms and right to bear arms and ensure we protect and respect our constitutional rights.

Jobs and the Economy

Ohio continues to generate momentum with more than 330,000 jobs created since January 2011, and is experiencing lower unemployment rates than in years past.

A business friendly tax environment is an absolute must in today's economy. I am committed to help reduce the red tape that has hindered economic growth and job creation in Ohio and promote the growth of small businesses as well as attract new businesses to Ohio as quickly as possible.

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Jobs... Jobs... Jobs!

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Common Sense Regulations

The Common Sense Initiative will review Ohio's regulatory system to eliminate excessive and duplicate rules that stand in the way of job creation. Click on "Share Your Solutions" to provide your thoughts on reforming onerous and burdensome red tape, rules and regulations.

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Legislation:   Pro Life

Governor John Kasich signs late term abortion bill into law.